August '22

August '22

The Story

This pair of socks were designed by the Supreme Sock Council, which took inspiration from none other than Pope Paul VI himself and his ground-breaking proclamation Nostra aetate, a.k.a. “In our times”. Not only did the Catholic Church acknowledge other religions for the first time in history, but it also conceded that parts of other religions may be true.

After years of praising colourful knitwear, I now feel similarly indebted to weavers. Weaving and knitting are two key techniques used in the production of textiles. While weaving relies on intertwining the threads perpendicularly, like in basket weaving, knitting is based on forming small loops and connecting them to one another. Since knitting produces softer and more elastic fabric, it is the technique of choice in sock-making. Woven fabric is more resistant to wear and tear, and easier to produce. This makes it more suitable for mats, rugs and Aladdin’s flying carpet.

A picnic blanket, an item so typical for the summer, can be both knitted and woven, which may have caused a slight rivalry between these crafts. In order to reconcile them, perhaps we should look to the Holy Father. Luckily, weavers and knitters need not face as many obstacles on this path towards coexistence as the rivalling religions did. They need not overcome allegations of deicide nor two millennia of blaming Herod’s race for committing it. They need not sweep any crusades or Spanish inquisition under the woven rug.

We must not bicker about whether our picnic blanket should be knitted or woven. The more consequential thing is what happens on that blanket and what socks you wear in the process. That is why we have prepared a sock model that combines a traditional knitted diamond shape with a more perpendicular design suited for interweaving, be it religious or sockular.


Groomed blue and red cotton forms eighty-five percent of the content of the sock. We also threw in five percent of polyamide in order to improve the sock’s resilience. The black lines were designed using a lighter stitch that makes the sock airier on a warm summer day. The “skeleton” of the sock contains ten percent Lycra and polypropylene. The latter ingredient ensures high tensile strength, while the former contributes with greater elasticity and antibacterial protection.

Wishing you a soft but resilient August,
Hubert Sockworth,
Your Sock Secretary

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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