September '22

September '22

The Story

While designing new sock model, the Supreme Sock Council attempted to answer the question of which angle is most important in the human experience.

We first thought of the angulus rectus, or right angle. In spite of occurring rather rarely in nature, its presence in the so-called civilized world is ubiquitous. I dared suggest a slightly different angle, though: the one from which you view the world. And that angle may not always be right.

What I am saying may seem daring to you, even blasphemous, but it is based on the pillars of human philosophy. One strand called perspectivism was advocated by masterminds such as Arthur Schopenhauer or Gottfried Leibnitz. The flag-bearer of the thought that reality can be viewed from many points of view, none of them completely accurate or right(eous), was none other than German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

This man, whose scientific grandeur can only be compared to the size of his own moustache, surely knew a lot about various perspectives. His many physical and mental ailments made him take various bizarre stances on human existence. In its own way then, this finding comes from an expedition on which most of us would not willingly embark.

Let us then savour knowing that the right angle is not always the right angle and that many skewed angles can overpower the one that is allegedly right(eous). So, why couldn’t your September “perspective socks” serve two purposes? First, as a stylish accessory and second, as a reminder that your own perspective can alter the direction in which our Fellowship is headed. Just send us your point of view to


The square, triangular and even-more-angular shapes are woven from greenish-blue and beige cotton yarn and they constitute eighty percent of the sock. The orange and green patterns comprise polyamide, which we added to ten percent of the sock in order to improve its resilience. The “skeleton” of the sock is made up of ten percent Lycra and polypropylene. The latter ingredient ensures high tensile strength, while the former contributes with greater elasticity and antibacterial protection thanks to its silver ions.

Wishing you a well-angled September,
Hubert Sockworth,
Your Sock Secretary

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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