July '21

The Story

In July Supreme Sock Council decided to give it a turquoise hue. The Council wanted to pay tribute to the efforts of the human race’s strife to extract turquoise, an act that testifies to the unstoppable craving of the human eye and soul for beautiful colors.

Turquoise is a mineral so soft it cannot be turned into anything useful, so fragile you could break it with your hand, and too useless for any chemical reaction. Retrieving the mineral would entail rummaging through rocks and breaking down large stones in a desert climate (bear in mind, this mineral dissolves in water). Dry air, dust, and the scorching sun would be our faithful companions. Merely the color is a sufficient reason to extract turquoise.

We cannot, though, in good conscience suggest that our members would take on a job at the turquoise mines. The mere idea that members of the Sock Bards would suffer from any discomfort in pursuit of colors would definitely mean that we failed in my capacity as Sock Secretary.

Please allow us, therefore, to introduce to you the July sock model. It combines the joys of the beautiful turquoise hue with a maximum level of comfort. We threw in a dash of “rusty” desert colors for good measure, since turquoise is often laced with copper. And that is how a sock comes together.


Ponožky v akci

T H Tomáš Hnízdil Sockfellow

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