June '21

The Story

The June sock model was made of bamboo. Our intention had been to highlight the benefits of bamboo socks, i.e., their airiness and breathability – traits much appreciated in the warm summer months. However, man proposes, and God disposes.

In the beginning of June we had twelve degrees outside, wind, and rain. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a snowflake. The April-May tandem was the coldest in the last four decades.

Fortunately, during the month the sun smartened up. And we could happily slide into the bamboo breathable and cool socks, dismissing our unfulfilled negativism.

Please allow us therefore to highlight the non-weather-related positive aspects of bamboo, such as its universality. You can use bamboo to build a house, weave a sock, and eat the shoots for dinner. If your bamboo stock runs out, worry not. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. It can grow at a rate of up to 4 cm per hour. A spruce, in comparison, can only sprout up by about 0.02 cm per hour. By using a lot of carbon to sustain this fast growth, bamboo represents an effective cure for global warming.

And here we are, back at the topic I was trying to avoid. But maybe that was necessary: A June and a summer the way we like them.


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