August '21

August '21

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council devoted its August session to discussions of a philosophical nature. Our discourse spanned from Socrates to Marshall McLuhan, a controversial thinker of the post-war years.

His name resonates especially thanks to a curiously accurate internet prediction, which he had made even before the internet was born. McLuhan said that man not only creates technology, but also that technology creates man. Binoculars, for example, are an extension of our eyes and a scalpel complements our teeth. Every bit of mastered technology changes the substance of human existence. Let the examples of the Internet and our Club House speak for themselves.

The same goes for socks. They help your honorable tootsies with thermoregulation, protection against abrasion and aesthetic perfection. Life without socks would be a terrible sight. Feet bruised and blistered. Family budgets depleted by the constant need to replace sweat-drenched shoes. All modesty aside, socks touch upon the essence of life itself.

So, we focused our attention to a single task: creating a perfect sock to ensure our club members' survival in August. And because August can make our feet feel the heat, we had to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen. That is why the August sock contains an unprecedented amount of lightweight knitting, which means the garment is half as thick and twice as breathable. Marshall McLuhan would surely agree with me that mastering this ventilation technology turned you into a being well adapted for survival in August.


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