February '18

February '18

The Story

Supreme Sock Council devoted its February session to resolving two major issues. First: How is it possible that the human eye is capable of distinguishing over 10 million colors, while the depository of colorful yarn in Ponožkovice holds less than a hundred timbres? And second: Fasting is known to have a sharpening effect on olfactory and gustatory perception. But how does it impact eyesight? To find the answer, counselors had to win over Gustav Parsimsockius, the Club Treasurer, without whom the plan of purchasing a quarter ton of over two hundred shades of new yarn would not be possible. At first, Gustav was unwilling to spend even a single dime. Nevertheless, the information that members of the Supreme Sock Council craved the new timbres to such an extent that they would be willing to survive on nothing but bread and water for an entire month, caught the bookkeeper’s attention and enticed him at the thought of saving expenditures. And the result? A depository replete with patterns and the somewhat discouraging conclusion that even a month of fasting will not sharpen the eye of a sock Councilor. Two slight exceptions that prove the rule are green and orange, which can be found on your February specimens. At the beginning of this fasting journey, the Councillors found several carrots, which they devoured, seed leaves included. They then spent the rest of their spiritual journey seeking similar pleasures.


Ponožky v akci

P M Petr Mojžíš Sockfellow

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