March '18

March '18

The Story

While designing the third sock model of this year, the Supreme Sock Council noticed that the fourth Sunday of April will mark exactly 173 years, 9 months and 30 days since the first telegraph message was sent using Morse code. The Council realised the symbolism of this meaningful anniversary falling precisely on that day and decided to celebrate the occasion by creating a design that celebrates the revolutionary invention of Samuel F. Morse. Unfortunately, a consensus has not been reached regarding the message that was to be conveyed by the sock using Morse code. The Club Secretary, the honourable Hubert Ponožka, was most excited by the motion to embroider the letters H and P - incidentally his monogram - on the sock. This slightly immodest proposal was not met with support, but rather a slew of challenging propositions. Hubert was quite disappointed by being denied the opportunity to join the many fashion personas - just think that since the time of Charles Frederick Worth, the most renowned fashion designer of the 1800s and founder of brand fashion, all icons in the industry placed their monograms on their designs. In the end, Hubert got lucky as most of our fellow Councillors became afflicted with a most unpleasant spell of intestinal flu the following morning. While the facilities were in high demand, in the meeting hall there was not a soul. The Supreme Sock Councillor then disposed of the small brown laxative dispenser and tallied the vote: "Yea - 1. Nay - 0. The motion was unanimously passed.”


Ponožky v akci

L K Lukáš Krupička Sockfellow

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