May '17

The Story

If May truly were the month of love, we would expect an increased incidence in human offspring in February, nine months later. However, a brief glance into the available statistical data disproves this hypothesis. We have thus changed course in our search for evidence and turned to the kingdom of plants. It has come to the Council’s attention that the word “May” is phonetically contained in the phrase “floral mating” and, recognizing this cannot be a coincidence, the Council decided to explore reproductive habits among flowers. This change of course turned out to be a bullseye. The increased presence of blossoms, a flower’s reproductive organs, was apparent even without expensive surveillance devices. May has thus upheld its status as the month of love, albeit only partially. It is the month of a plant’s love for another plant. To celebrate this marvel, we have decided to schematically depict a flower’s reproductive system on your sock specimen for this month. If our future research bears fruit and provides evidence of similar mating patterns for homo sapiens, we may consider it as inspiration for a future sock prototype.


Ponožky v akci

M D Martin Doležal Sockfellow

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