April '17

April '17

The Story

In Ponožkovice, April was the month of searching for a slogan that would most accurately describe the direction in which the Club is headed. The first promising suggestions, such as “Let us march forward to a more colorful future” or “Let us march upward to a more colorful future” resonated deeply with the Supreme Sock Council, but the proposers could not find an absolute majority of Councilors to support either of them. At the heart of the dispute was the question of whether we should move forward or upward. Luckily, the Supreme Sock Secretary Hubert Ponožka came with an ingenious idea idiosyncratic only to his inventive mind. His twisted ankle brought him not only sharp pain but also a sharp idea. He remembered the devilish contraption that caused him so much physical torment and so many sleepless nights. The stairs! He realized that the only compromise between forward and upward movement is (careful) stair ascension. With cheerful joy and relief, the Council approved the slogan “Climb the colourful stairs carefully” and promoted it by weaving a staircase motive into the April sock edition.


Ponožky v akci

M M Michal Mazanec ml. Sockfellow

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