March '17

March '17

The Story

This March, we set out on a long journey around the world, granted it was only our fingers that did the travelling (on a map). During this venture, we have noticed that the advent of spring is a vivaciously celebrated occasion in most corners of the globe. The festivities are usually accompanied by bright colors, which of course renders us, the denizens of Ponožkovice, rather excited. Take for example the Indian Holi festival, this year celebrated on March 13th, where the locals paint themselves from head to toe in order to honor the victory of good over evil, as well as the onset of spring. Persians may also be proud of their festivity heritage while celebrating New Year, or Nowruz, on March 20th by procuring fresh flowers and clothing, socks presumably included. You must understand we could not abstain such springtime merrymaking. It was our duty to step up and proudly present our March sock specimen!


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