June '17

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council has devoted its June efforts to answering a traditional, yet still highly puzzling question: What is the sock’s purpose it’s hot outside? The Council decided to take radical measures and to target the seat of the problem: material composition. Combed cotton, used for manufacturing most of our socks, is a material of wide utility, but is no match for bamboo in the hot summer months. As a result, we have chosen bamboo to be our June resource of choice. Bamboo, an overgrown member of the Poaceae family, i.e. grass, contains a bio-agent called “bamboo kun”, which kills most bacteria, with which it comes into direct contact. A foot enveloped in bamboo is actually continually cleansed, which will prove to be a great feat for feet in the heat. On a related note, it is not necessary to feel guilty about one’s pedal comfort resulting in the depletion of a Panda’s main nutrition source and indirectly causing the species to go extinct. The recorded number of Pandas living in the wild grew so much that by September 2016, the species was re-categorized from “endangered" to “vulnerable". So, they will not go hungry.


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