July '15

The Story

When deciding on the July pattern, the Council especially weighed up the risks associated with the red colour as red is the colour which dominates this particular model.  After a series of zoological tests, an attack by an irate turkey showed to be the most probable and problematic event, since red items are proved to irritate this type of poultry. On the contrary, an aggressive charge response to the red colour from the bull was not detected.  However, our involuntarily voluntary test participant got into an unpleasant situation when trying to take his leave. The Council members therefore recommend avoiding direct contact with a mature male bovine while wearing any pair of socks. The red panda was the last animal subjected to our testing. The red panda feeds mainly on bamboo, from which your new pair of socks is made. Our concerns that the bamboo fibres might arouse the panda’s uncontrollable appetite resulting in the bitten feet of our Club members were thankfully not confirmed. The red panda living in Prague Zoo was subjected to a 720-second test during which trouser legs of our volunteer were rolled up and we can happily inform you that we did not notice any hazardous response from the beast. The sleeping beast-vegetarian did not even wake up.


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