June '15

The Story

It may seem strange but it is a generation dispute that stands behind the inception of the June socks. Young councillors, who were tasked with the creation of the quarterly presentation on the activities of the Club, were so encouraged by the fact that we allowed them to place tiny black dots instead of small black squares as bullet points that they became polka dots fundamentalists. Subsequently, these young radicalised members of the Council began working very hard in order to promote the polka dot pattern. The more experienced Council members, however, pointed out that the pattern of isolated dots would go against the principle of cohesion, which is one of the pillars of the Club. A solution to this stalemate was brought by a proposal which suggested connecting the dots depicted on the June sock. Not only does this solution allow the creation of the polka dot pattern without a violation of the principle of cohesion, but it also demonstrates the connection of courage and youth with deliberation and experience.


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