May '15

The Story

Flowers must definitely be featured in the May pattern according to the decision made by the Supreme Sock Council. The only uncertainty was the issue of size and noticeability of these flowers. A chance encounter with Mr Dandelion, a professional gardener from southern Bohemia, proved to be the turning point. Mr Dandelion explained to the Council that colourful flowers serve to entice suitable pollen carriers. The Council relished the idea of colourful flowers acting as enticements for longed-for company. For a long time men have been wearing floral decoration in their jacket lapels and finally we know why.  Socks with distinctly depicted flowers can serve as a useful substitute in the event that either you are not wearing a jacket, or no fresh flowers are available. What’s more, our May sock is made from bamboo, which prevents the overheating of the foot and will help you keep the acquired company.


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