April '15

April '15

The Story

When deciding on the April pattern, the Council has experienced one of its most difficult periods ever. Some members of the Council sank into scepticism over the relatively short existence of our Club and demanded from the always faithfully serving secretary to immediately arrange at least two hundred years of proud tradition of the Club. Emotions were aflame. Everything ended up in a totally irrational requirement, i.e. to redirect all the research capabilities of the Club into the development of a time machine. Luckily, I managed to buy some time and appointed an expert committee in order to deal with this topic. It gave the hot-headed members of the Council some time to cool down. At its next meeting, the Council was already quite sane and decided that the only way of establishing a long and proud tradition of the Club will be through systematic and focused work on a creation of great socks for our members. This determination is symbolised by red coloured lines on April socks.


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