August '15

August '15

The Story

The August pattern was decided by the Council without the presence of the club secretary, Hubert Ponožka, because he was (since he is a big fan of legumes) at the Hracholusky dam (loosely translated as ‘Peapods dam’) in the Pilsen region. Upon arriving in Ponožkovice, however, he found this place in a state of anarchy and chaos. Council discussions on the new sock pattern went obviously wrong. Thankfully, the well-rested secretary managed to calm the situation with a very constructive suggestion. He proposed using the chaos constructively and depicting it in the August pattern.  Consequently, the Council created an irregular – chaotic – pattern on which the councillors hesitantly agreed. The second issue was the combination of colours. Fortunately, the situation was saved by the club expert on the upper part of the sock, Gustav Lem, and his large green-purple bruise shining under his left eye. The violent anarchy of the councillors during the absence of the secretary had unwittingly created not only an inspiration for the pattern but also contributed to adding colours to it. As you can see in the photo of the "cooled" August model above, you immediately realise that there is no better refreshment in scorching August than a well-cooled sock duo.


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