December '22

December '22

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council has recently tackled one of the most pressing questions humanity has ever faced: “Could a world without socks be possible?”

The existence of socks is necessitated by reasons of consequence: They provide humans with pedal protection against the cold, humidity and wear-and-tear. Consider, for instance, an imaginary ointment that could supplant these roles and socks would consequently be rendered obsolete but humanity would not suffer.

While we were wrapping our heads around this tough case, we realised the answer was actually wrapped around our necks. Consider a tie or bow tie. They are said to have originated in the 17th century when Croatian mercenaries hired by Louis XIII arrived in Paris. Their necks were adorned by slick ties concealing how the soldiers buttoned their shirts. Parisians were so infatuated with this idea that they never gave it up. This anecdote also gave its name to the garment because “la cravate” is derived from “le Croate”, the French demonym for a Croat.

We, however, are far more interested in the future, which is why neckties could serve as inspiration. Maybe one day, socks too could become a fashion accessory. While our club’s Treasurer would not be pleased, this promotion would surely further elevate the already high social status of socks.

An ideal solution would be to connect everyday practicality with noble elegance. December presents ample opportunities for a festive showcase of your aesthetic pearls. And if these sock displays do not give you cold feet, everything is perfectly in order.


The arboreal green, temperamental red and starlight yellow are not only colours of this month’s sockscape; they also speak to our sense of aesthetics. Perhaps you will also notice this colour compilation elsewhere, not just on your pedal garment. Your socks combine not only colours but also material.

This month’s model is made up of eighty-five percent combed cotton and is complemented by five percent polyamide. The main structure of the sock contains five percent Lycra and five percent polypropylene. The latter ingredient ensures high tensile strength, while the former contributes greater elasticity and antibacterial protection.

Wishing your socks a colourful month,
The Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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