December '21

December '21

The Story

Hubert Sockworth has the honor of serving as Supreme Sock Councilor for over seven years. That means he could no longer evade answering the world’s most pressing questions. It was high time that he finally unveil to all of us the key mechanism of how the universe works.

"What does my theory say about the basic characteristics of all matter? Everything is merely a sheath on something. Think about it. Your shoes protect your varicolored socks, your socks shield your skin, and your skin covers your muscles, which in turn envelop your skeleton. Even your bones consist of layer upon layer of… layers.

Let us move beyond humans. The air we breathe is part of the atmosphere, the Earth’s gaseous coat. We walk on the Earth’s crust, which lies atop the planet’s mantle. When Democritus was conceiving the word “atom” (which means “indivisible”), he surely thought that an atom could not conceal anything else, since no smaller thing could exist. How surprised would he be that, from a spatial perspective, an atom is just another receptacle containing, this time, electrons."

So, we have explained matter and can all go celebrate now. After all, December is a month known for its festivities. The month is replete with gifts, which must also be packaged nicely. Packaging, by the way, is something we do with your noble feet regularly.


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