January '21

January '21

The Story

Fulfilling New Year’s expectations, Hubert Ponožka, our secretary, was going to wish you the best, most colorful year yet. However, colleagues from the Supreme Sock Council had objections.

“Hubert, a wish is a non-binding aspiration for a pleasant future. Anybody can create that. A member of our club deserves more,” councilor Wheedler suggested. “But I do wish the recipient a successful and colorful year from the bottom of my heart and my sock,” I countered. “Think of how many such wishes that person will hear. They expect something more useful,” Wheedler wallowed in Hubert's hesitation. “What if you didn’t offer a wish for the upcoming year, but rather a prediction?”

A prediction is much more complex. For example, correct predictions of the past year could have only been found on the periphery of the Internet or in a mental asylum. Yet, Hubert was confident enough to take a gamble on the 21st year of the 21st century.

Encouragingly, since the 16th century, 21 has been a winning number in the world of cards. Albert Einstein won his Nobel Physics Prize in 1921. Another liberating win was the Twenty-first Amendment to the US Constitution, scrapping prohibition restrictions.

We could continue this list, but it is already clear that the year ahead of us will clear the dust. And so, I not only wish you a relaxed year with marvelously blues skies, I also predict it.


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