December '20

December '20

The Story

In December The Supreme Sock Council could not agree on whether this year supports or disproves the famous postulate of the ancient philosopher Heraclitus that “no man ever steps in the same river twice”.

However, this did not preclude us from realizing how appropriate his teachings were for the month of December. Consider this: One of our world’s basic elements is fire. Who would not like to light a candle or two in December? Or perhaps even four, right?

Heraclitus’ main thought was that everything is in a state of constant motion and perpetual change. And it is at the end of the December that we celebrate the birthday of one of the main contributors to human knowledge, one whose teachings became a pillar a modern civilization. It was a big day when, on December 25th, 1642, little Isaac Newton was born.

Heraclitus’ ever-present change is not coincidental. Rather, it is run by a divine order, later elaborated upon by another famous native of December. The description of “one wise one” who controls the motion of everything even spurred conjectures about whether Heraclitus actually lived later than in the 5th century before Christ and whether he thus could have taken inspiration from him. Today’s historians agree that a time machine would have been necessary for that, though. Inspiration in the other direction would have been far less challenging technically.

We also did not need a time machine to get inspiration from the ever-present change philosophy. And so, we hereby present your “Heraclitusock”, which does not include a single motif more than once. Plus, you may step into it repeatedly as many times as you wish.


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