June '19

The Story

In June, Hubert Ponožka, the Sock Secretary, had to delve into the depths of creative accounting when designing this month’s pattern.

At the beginning of every summer, we attempt to create socks able to withstand even tropical temperatures. The most suitable candidate, thanks to its airiness and lightness, is bamboo yarn, even in spite of its several downsides: lower tensile strength and a resulting increased proclivity towards wear-and-tear.

Another minuscule disadvantage of bamboo is its purchase price. The difference is negligible and we have never given it much weight. This year, however, our Club Treasurer Gustav Parsimsockius announced that June cannot include bamboo because we would not fit, albeit just barely, into our monthly budget.

As collegial as Hubert is, he found the opportunity for cost reduction in the semi-annual sock bonus given to other members of the Sock Council. Yet, he did not know how to explain that the Councilors would not receive their sock subsidy in June, in spite of being entitled to one at the end of every semester.

He found himself disheartened. Of all 365 days, why must the middle one fall on June, our bamboo month? But wait, he thought to myself. The first six months sum up to a total of 181 days and the median of the year falls on day 183. The mid-year bonus handout should thus fall on July 2nd! This means that the June budget will be able to support the weight of those light bamboo threads after all!


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