May '19

The Story

In May The Supreme Sock Council unfortunately fell prey to the evil vice of procrastination.

Also Hubert Ponožka, the Sock Secretary, had initially failed to identify this bad habit. What of it that colleagues like to throw their feet on the table from time to time and admire the gems that cover their feet? They will surely resume their sockological duties shortly.

He was wrong however, as laziness won over the heart of my colleagues. He then remembered Italy’s famous philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, who likened trouble to illness. At the onset, it is not difficult to cure but to notice the ailment. Towards the end, it becomes easy to notice but much harder to cure.

What now? Suggestions spread from other Machiavellian methods to Lenin’s adage that he who wants to start a fire must first himself burn. This playing with fire also brought no results. He then went all in, placing all of his hopes on Maytime romance.

“Dear colleagues, our club is like a blossom and your hard work is like irrigation. Without it, the blossom would wilt and never bloom, and your feet would be deprived of color and thus rather boring for the eyes of ladies, who crave the sight of blossoming flora.”

The colleagues’ sleepy eyes started opening, their stiff necks started stretching out. Hubert finally understood that the key to a man’s heart is not to be found in his cranium.


Ponožky v akci

J Č Josef Čepelák Sockfellow
P P Pavel Poláček Sockfellow

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