November '19

November '19
Merino wool

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council devoted November to a thorough preparation for the winter. Underestimating “general Frost” is not a good idea.

That would be no news to, say, Napoleon Bonaparte and especially his soldiers tasked with invading Russia. When combating the cold, your feet are front-line troops, as they play a key role in your body’s thermal regulation. Their large surface area and high number of small veins makes them an ideal thermal outlet. Research adds another factor: the maximum distance from the body’s vital organs. However, we in Ponožkovice take this view as highly controversial.

On the other hand, one cannot deny that as hypothermia approaches, the first place to shut off the supply of warm blood is the body’s far limbs. Many limping mountaineers could attest to this.

Guardians of your sock arsenal that we are, we take this chilling enumeration with all seriousness. We could not respond to falling mercury without drafting the loyal sheep wool, a material long tested by millennia of human chilliness. As a result, your newest sock battalion has been knit from Merino sheep wool, which boasts thin and soft yarn just like cotton, but with its extra legendary heat retention.

We thus believe that our members will not have to sacrifice your artillery in any battle against “major Cold”, as they will have two toasty tootsies at their disposal.


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