July '18

The Story

This month's design is unique in that the main inspiration for the July model came from Hubert Ponožka himself. This autumn, his four-year tenure as the Club’s Supreme Sock Secretary will come to an end. This being said, he does not wish to see his fellow Councilors suffer under the extreme pressure embedded in the crucial task of electing a new Secretary. Hubert have thus decided to elevate this role from a secular position, one elected by humans, to a spiritual function, which receives a much stronger mandate, straight from the Almighty. The natural first step in his efforts was to erect his own sock sanctum. Unfortunately, the construction of such a shrine is not exactly cheap without the aid of slaves, serfs, or at least the collection of tithes. This realization has temporarily stalled the execution phase. But he did not give up and he tried to come up with a solution. The Club Treasurer agreed to ordering several stained glass windows, which will also serve as the basis for the July sock rendition. The Treasurer was fascinated to learn that medieval folk, so habituated to seeing gray everywhere, was in awe of the colorful stained glass found in churches and cathedrals. Maybe you too will make several eyes pop out of their sockets when you show off your july socks, which will surely stand in stark contrast to the mainstream sock pallor.


Ponožky v akci

J Č Josef Čech Sockfellow
M V Michal Vevera Sockfellow

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