May '18

The Story

In May the Supreme Sock Council ruminated what a blooming meadow actually symbolizes. When you see trees of green and red roses too, with skies of blue and clouds of white above, you are sure to be present in a wonderful world in the springtime. One could even say that the scenery depicts the peak of spring – May. However, both jazz crooners and Darwin would agree that nature did not conceive of these sceneries for romance per se. What purpose do meadows strewn with blossoming greenery have? Actually, they are meant to lure. Flowering plants attract birds and insects, the assistance of which they need to transfer their reproductive cells. Blossoms in fact serve the same ends as advertisement billboards. May we add that the advertisement is not of a discrete nature. Birds and insects perceive the varicolored scenery similarly to how humans see neon lights. A butterfly fluttering over a blooming field is thus treated to a panorama comparable to a helicopter’s view of Las Vegas nightlife or that of any other city filled with intrusive advertisement. So, is May the month of merely brazen advertisement? Well, Satchmo may rest in peace because the human experience allows us to enjoy meadows with burgeoning flora with poetry. For that exact reason, we fashioned your May sock specimen to depict such a meadow.


Ponožky v akci

M D Martin Dokoupil Sockfellow

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