September '17

September '17

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council devoted its September session to debating the changes brought on, for better or for worse, by the end of the summer. Be it the sunset, which now occurs sooner by the day, or the decreasing number of hot days, every change brings with itself a certain unease. Our fellow Councillors succumbed to this sentiment as well. Luckily, we have managed to discover the one thing that soothes every person’s soul – the color green. According to modern-day science, green induces feelings of serenity, hope and tolerance, so it only made sense to propose green as the color of choice for this month's sock specimen in our effort to loose the September blues. We have unfortunately not realized that the human eye is most sensitive to green and is able to distinguish more shades of green than of any other color. This rendered selecting the proper shade a true challenge. Fortunately, we conceived an idea that even the great king Solomon would not have been ashamed of: The socks are to be designed in several viridescent shades, so as to please the eye of every beholder.


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