August '17

August '17

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council ruled that August should not be represented by a base sock, since the month is really anything but base.The Roman emperor Augustus, whose name the month bears in many a language, was definitely not a man of baseness. Apart from bringing peace and prosperity to Rome, he also imposed taxes on the entire empire, while also managing to live to 75 and die a natural death. An impressive imperial career indeed. However, the inspiration for the August sock specimen in fact came from Orville Wright, a man born in August, and the first to become airborne in an engine-propelled aircraft in 1903. His desire not to be base stood at the foundation of modern aviation and inspired us to depict the motive of a spinning propellor on your sock. Being non-base fans of planes ourselves, we have voted for a planar depiction of this motive.


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