June '16

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council has encountered a problem in the early stages of the June specimen’s development. The Council’s ruler (the measuring kind) was trodden upon and cracked during an experiment, which aimed to measure whether the sock, once filled with a human foot, complies with Hooke’s law. The expenses for a new ruler had understandably not been included in our June budget, and so the Council Treasurer initially disapproved the purchase of a new one. An imploring description of the importance of straight lines for the aestheticism of the sock have unfortunately failed to persuade the keeper of the Club’s riches. The subsequent mention of Greece, where geometry used to be revered as the base for human knowledge, had the unintended outcome of scaring our conservative cash box keeper even more. The procurement request talks took a turn for the better only after an innovative motion to create a sock prototype that would contain as many straight lines as possible, a feat which could hardly be achieved without a new ruler. The purchase price of a ruler remained the same; however, the marginal cost of every additional straight line decreased to a negligible amount thanks to this approach. Finally, the Club’s economist was on board.


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