March '16

March '16

The Story

In the previous month (in February), the Supreme Sock Council asked members of the Club for their opinions on whether or not to retain the designation of socks in its current form, i.e. a sign Ponožkovice on the toe of the socks. The participation in the first Ponožkovice attempt to direct democracy went beyond our expectations. An avalanche of sophisticated sock opinions not only put an end to the discussed dilemma, but also surprised the councillors with its strength. Their fear of sock coup, however, proved to be an effective motivational tool. Under the pretext of the study of the origin of the colour combination of the French flag, a paper on the French Revolution that took place in the late 18th century was presented to the Council. A faithful description of the storming of the Bastille and a subsequent reminder of high-frequency oscillation of guillotines in the streets of Paris did the trick: work attitude of all Council members really increased. In order to encourage the long-term memory consolidation of my colleagues of Ponožkovice, we created a sock loosely inspired by the French tricolour.


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