February '16

February '16

The Story

At the turn of the year, a review work analysis of the Supreme Sock Council was carried out and discovered a low labour productivity of the majority of its members. The main cause of such a situation was the fact that the Council members, in most cases, do not work on Mondays, as a weekend day mode appeals to them much more. The establishment of common breakfasts on Mondays, during which chocolate wafer tubes filled with whipped cream were served, seemed to be a convenient solution. Not only the participation in Monday's meetings increased dramatically, but also a new sock pattern was successfully designed the next chocolate breakfast day. The sweet-toothed Council members immediately began counting the number of Mondays in every month and what an excitement and enthusiasm emerged once they found out how many such days are in the exceptionally long February this year. The discovery of five calorific morning episodes instantly turned into inspiration. Consequently, a call was made for the creation of a February sock in chocolate colour. And that’s exactly what the February socks look like.


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