November '16

November '16
Merino wool

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council’s main preoccupation with the November sock specimen pertained to the sock’s material composition. The November addition is thus not made of cotton, as is the norm in Ponožkovice, but rather of Merino sheep wool. This material boasts several properties that the Council found interesting, most importantly thermal isolation, which will attenuate the unpleasantness of many winter mornings. However, the Council would never dare produce even the warmest specimen of sock, if they were to impose any level of itchiness unto their bearers. Fortunately, with the radius of 24 thousandths of a millimeter, a single filament of Merino sheep wool is thin enough to completely eliminate the burden of itchiness. Other Merino virtues that would perhaps rank somewhat lower in importance include good soundproofing and a high flash point.


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