October '16

October '16

The Story

While conceiving the October sock specimen, the Supreme Sock Council debated the motion of whether or not to approve the onset of autumn. On the one hand, the Council conceded that the diminishing level of sunlight and lower temperatures result in a significant decrease in floral and faunal activity, which of course also implies deteriorating humor in certain hominoids. On the other hand, the Council reached the conclusion that such a slump in temper affects only individuals that have not yet indulged in the foibles of wearing colorful sock attire now that the warm summer is replaced by a season that mandates warm socking to chaperone a person’s attire. A well-timed splatter into one of many available puddles may also well serve as an elegant excuse to parade more than one sock specimen over the course of a single day. To complete our magic formula, let us add autumn’s cloak of colorful foliage and the fact that nature heeds not the rulings of our Council. We can then see we were left with no option other than to approve the advent of fall and proudly present our October specimen.


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