February '15

February '15

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council unanimously agreed on the fact that the main motive for the February sock must be a square, since there are precisely four weeks in February. However, when discussing the size of the square, disagreement between councillors flared up. Whilst one group was fond of small squares, the other group held the view that large squares should be used. Luckily, after many lengthy meetings of the Council, a compromise was reached, i.e. using both the small and the large squares in the pattern design. In order to eliminate the concern of the group supporting small shapes (they did not like the idea of the small geometric figures being overshadowed by the large ones), the small squares were decided to be placed in the middle of the large squares.   Thanks to this solution, the Supreme Council eventually regained harmony which is represented by a pink colour on the cuff, heel and toe of the sock.


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