January '15

January '15

The Story

January is a month which brings an outlook for the upcoming year. Consequently, our Club also considered working on a similar outlook. Basic parameters of this year seem pretty obvious. Our globe will rotate around its axis three hundred and sixty five times. Fifty two times we will heave a sigh "Monday is here again". Twelve times the members of the Ponožkovice will turn a key in the lock of their post box in order to find a brown envelope with the Club logo. And we will perform our annual journey around the life-giving sun exactly one time. Therefore, a circle as a geometric figure, which best symbolises the year, seems to be a logical conclusion made by the Supreme Sock Council. The circles will be of different sizes and colours and will also variously overlap each other. The Council hopes that the circles will create for all of us a beautiful year 2015 which will be as colourful and cheerful as the socks, which, as we believe, are already on your feet.


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