December '15

December '15

The Story

Although it might look like a Christmas pattern, it is not. The Supreme Sock Council worked on this sock several months in advance and whilst creating the sock design we did not realise the again approaching main event of the year 2015 – Christmas. The stars on the sock are meant to celebrate the 491th birthday of the outstanding Czech astronomer, Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, born on December 1.  As for the fish, this commemorates 99 years since the premiere of the silent film "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" which falls on December 24. With the advent of the Christmas season we realised that even such important anniversaries might easily be overshadowed by Christmas and consequently affect our December model which might be perceived a bit off-topic. Unfortunately, the socks were already made and the pattern could therefore not be changed. To our great relief, however, we found out that where our reason failed, fortune replaced it. Stars and fish are also regarded as Christmas symbols and this is how our members were recommended that they present their socks. It is therefore possible that we got away with our December mistake pretty well.


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