November '15

November '15
Merino wool

The Story

This time the November pattern was all about the sheep. The Supreme Sock Council worked hard to create a sock made of wool from the Merino sheep breed. This material has some interesting properties. Firstly, it prevents the transfer of thermal energy between the skin and the environment, which means that your feet will be cosy and warm in the wintertime compared to feet wearing just regular socks. Secondly, Merino wool fibre can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in the form of moisture (without compromising its breathability), thus drawing sweat away from the feet. Additionally, we did not want our socks to be itchy and that is why we chose Merino wool, the fibres of which are less than 20 thousandths of a millimetre in diameter, making the socks incredibly fine. Useful for these woollen socks is also their high heat resistance, which can come in handy when entering the atmosphere from Earth's orbit without shoes.


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