June '24

The Story

Please allow us to spare several words on your newest sock addition. It is made from bamboo yarn and it is our honest belief that it would be very popular among the Naga people, natives of north-eastern India.


Bamboo is holy for the Naga people and it weaves its way through their entire lives. “Life begins in a bamboo cradle and ends in a bamboo coffin. We live in bamboo houses and sup bamboo shoots. A flourishing bamboo grove makes me a rich man,” says a local elder with a clear love of the plant, even if he conspicuously omits to mention shimmying up the lard-smeared bamboo stalk, a favourite pastime activity of local young men.

For us, bamboo is not holy but your honourable tootsies are. We decided to equip your lower extremities with bamboo because of its extraordinary airiness, which will be most useful at the beginning of summer.  


This colourful sock is knitted from 80% bamboo viscose, while the remaining 10 % consists of cotton and polyamide. Both these ingredients improve resistance against wear and tear.

Lycra and polypropylene each make up 5% of the “skeleton” of each sock. The latter provides the necessary tensile strength, while Lycra’s job is to ensure elasticity and antibacterial protection.

May your steps and days be truly uplifting,
Your Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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