April '24

April '24

The Story

Please allow us to ask a small favour of you. If you happen to have a pencil, paintbrush or even a crayon lying around, please grab it. Relax and start doodling on a piece of paper. Only once done, ask yourself a crucial question: Is the result not only spontaneous but also completely random? One canonical artistic style of the previous half-century says “absolutely not”. An abstract expressionist believed that if we hold back the tempered conscious, the wild unconscious will be unleashed.

Should you spy a certain similarity with modern psychoanalysis, you are observant. Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung introduced the public to an intriguing dimension of the human soul, which artists could not resist. Examples galore, but why not mention the most notorious one?

Even though the iconic Jackson Pollock died young and soused, his alcohol treatment using Freud’s method was successful, at least artistically. It is what allowed him, his inseparable cigarette and a can (of paint) to run around uncontrollably around his canvas and create his action-packed paintings. In 1949, Life magazine boldly asked: “Is [Pollock] the greatest living painter in the United States?”

This whimsy character in a cowboy hat said that everyone paints what they are. So, please have a look at your creation again. Hopefully, you are satisfied with the depiction of the real you.

Our even greater hope is that your April sock model, which plumbs the inner depths of your favourite Sock Secretary, will inspire you at least as much. We do concede that, when creating it, we were much soberer than Pollock. On the other hand, it is worth what we truly are.


It consists of 80% combed cotton yarn and is complemented by 10% polyamide, which provides greater resistance against wear and tear.

The core wiring is made up, in equal proportions, of polypropylene and Lycra. The former provides a high tensile strength, while the latter contributes the necessary elasticity.

May your days make up a colourful mosaic,
Your Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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