April '23

April '23

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council used the April model to contemplate the status of the colour green as a symbol of spring’s lively rebirth.

While green may seem to be the appropriate herald of the waking, or perhaps already budding, spring months, this conclusion is superficial. Green is the only timbre on the visible colour spectrum that does not fuel photosynthesis, the process that gives energy to all organic workings of terrestrial nature. If the sun suddenly began emitting only green light, all plants would wilt.

Violet, on the other hand, boasts the highest oscillation frequency of all colours and therefore emits the most energy, acting as the most efficient fuel for plant growth. Evolution has its own quirks, though, and a combination of bluish-red won that competition.

That solution, however, is sub-optimal. In an ideal world, violet would be nature’s most efficient energizer, especially in the spring. Luckily, unlike nature, we were able to choose the violet optimum for your newest sock model.


The purple base of this gambling-themed sock, eighty percent of the garment, consists of cotton yarn. It is supplemented with ten percent polyamide filaments, which outline the basic diamond shapes. Half of the remaining tenth consists of Lycra, which helps the sock adhere to the foot. The remainder of the sock is made of polypropylene filament, which serves as padding in the areas of impact on the heel and toes. Antibacterial protection is also included.

May your steps enjoy the utmost playfulness,
The Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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