December '23

December '23

The Story

The Supreme Sock Council has decided that socks could play a larger role in Christmas than being mere confectionary receptacles.

We in Sockshire believe that socks should play a more active role than just a visually symbolic one. Unfortunately, some of the more interesting roles have already been taken. Mistletoe, for instance, serves a purpose that would have been ideal for socks. Hot kisses (rather than embers) bringing luck and love from underneath a mistlesock would affirm the position of Christmas as the quintessential holiday. However, as it is, we must look elsewhere.

Socks could take on a “ritualistic” role as for example apple-slicing, slipper-throwing or lead-casting do in Slavic cultures. Those traditions are forms of divination, which is convenient because predicting the future without any guarantee regarding accuracy comes easily to a sock.

Our suggestion would be as follows: On Christmas Day, every family member will empty the contents of their sock drawer into  a receptacle with a volume of about 10 pints. If the socks overflow the receptacle, their owner must choose one of the designs.

Afterwards, the sock clairvoyants (or “psockics", as they are not called but should) will shuffle the selected sock designs and draw a winner. The appearance of that sock will then determine what the winner’s upcoming year will look like. Beautiful, bright-colored socks are of course welcomed heralds of positive news and it gives me pleasure to know that Sockfellows do have a leg up in this prophesying exercise. Obstinate owners of black-socks-only can perhaps seek consolation in the fact that low expectations are relatively easy to exceed.


This month’s model is made up of 85% combed cotton yarn and complemented by 5% polyamide, which improves resistance against wear and tear.

Half of the remaining tenth consists of Lycra so as to improve the sock’s adherence. Lacing the remainder with polypropylene fortifies the toes and heel. Antibacterial protection, as always, goes without saying. 

Wishing you a Merry Socksmas,

Your Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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