October '23

October '23

The Story

Perhaps you are thinking that the design of our newest sock model was inspired by our reading of Jack Kerouac or that we are emulating Alex Gray, a guru of psychedelic art.

However, we did not lose our heads in the sky, unlike the Beatles when they wrote their song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Quite the contrary, our feet were firmly on the ground, as were our eyes. That is also where we located an often-overlooked hero. Where else, if not here in Sockshire, would such unsung heroes find such advocates as us?

We of course refer to fungi, which do not fit any ordinary mould. “Everything that has a beginning has an ending,” said the Buddha. He was likely referring to none other than fungi, whose ability to reincarnate dead organic matter back into basic nutrients is what enables the circle of life on Earth.

Still, we have a tendency to classify all living things as animals or plants. Fungi fit neither category; they are a separate kingdom in the flora-fauna-funga trifecta.

Perhaps you think that an ordinary fungus does not deserve such praise. Then please know that one genus in this kingdom will sound very familiar: Penicillium. Buddha could have been surprised to learn how many endings a simple fungus could delay.


Your socks are made up of 80 percent cotton yarn and complemented by 10 percent polyamide in order to increase resistance against wear and tear. The remaining 10 percent of the consist of Lycra and polypropylene. The latter ingredient ensures high tensile strength, while the former contributes greater elasticity and antibacterial protection. 

May your October socks make you a fun guy. 
Your Supreme Sock Council 

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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