March '22

March '22

The Story

Humans have always wanted to uncover the future, which is often veiled by the unknown. One thing, though, cannot be disputed: March will bring with it a healthy dose of green. Spring is coming, and that means nature will play all the green cards in its hand. Behind this is a single chemical reaction, which once almost annihilated life on Earth. How did that go down, you ask?

The year was around two and a half billion B.C. and one primitive microbe began boasting an evolutionary novelty: gaining energy from the sunlight. This produced a toxic and highly reactive by-product called oxygen. The photosynthesizing microbe developed an immune defence against oxygen, which would have extinguished all of the surrounding life if evolution hadn’t briskly come up a new use for oxygen: breathing.

What does this have to do nature turning green in the spring? Everything, since photosynthesis is the engine behind today’s life. It is powered by blue and red light. Chlorophyl gobbles it up and bounces the remaining light back out. Because the sunlight, devoid of its blue and red spectrum, becomes green, the plant kingdom appears green to us. The colour green is an unintended by-product of photosynthesis, just like oxygen once was.

Still, evolution was capable of finding a solution, as proven by your newest socks. We as a species have adapted very well to green – its hues are those we discern best. We also came to like it. Chinese culture considers it to be the colour of harmony and Greenpeace then made it the colour of peace. It is also a favourite chillout colour of the young, not only in Sweden. Green traffic lights? No need to elaborate. Your current sock model will always give your feet the green light.


This sock is made of eighty percent cotton yarn. We added an additional ten percent of polyamide to its most exposed bits, ensuring greater durability. The remaining ten percent are made up by Lycra and polypropylene. The latter contributes with high tensile strength, while the former provides the sock with greater elasticity and antibacterial protection.

Wishing you a lush green springtime,
The Supreme Sock Council

Edition: Men's socks

All socks from Ponožkovice are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.


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