March '21

March '21

The Story

In March the Supreme Sock Council received help from a certain Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus art movement.

“Let us not raise an arrogant barrier between craftsmen and artists. […] Art must create; let us usher art into workshops and factories” this German artist insisted in his 1919 manifesto.

Even though he does not mention the production of socks, we do appreciate his attitude, with some reservations, e.g. the very first sentence of his famous declaration postulates that “architecture is the highest goal of art” and thus reveals him to be an architect.

Gropius was also a man of paradox. His main construct was the intangible idea of linking form with function, craftsmanship with art and beauty with simplicity. That was also the ideal of his controversial movement, which perished when the Nazis acquired power in 1933, resulting in a global diaspora between students, teachers and ideas.

After World War II, Bauhaus became inspired Chicago’s skyscrapers, East Germany’s blocks of flats and even Sweden's furniture designers. To celebrate the movement, Steve Jobs had Apple’s first factory painted in the Bauhaus colors: red, yellow, blue and black. Granted, the shift of production to China caused red to prevail.

Still, Walter Gropius would have been carried away by today’s design; even your iron probably bears his legacy. And so does your new sock arsenal!


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