July '20

The Story

Colors have always been a hot topic in Ponožkovice. Recently, we noticed that the example we set is now being followed by an increasing number of groups. Colors, especially those that promote equality, have recently become of wide interest.

You have surely noticed that our new sock model is partially clad in black. However, the color black has never had it easy. Even we, renowned lovers of all colors and hues, may have been caught doubting this color’s potential.

In our defense, we must add that in the world of men’s socks, black is in no short supply; it is rather abundant. Black’s meticulous absorption of light of all wavelengths around the gentlemen’s ankle region was not a fad or a bashful convention. It was often caused by straight out orders, be it under the cloak of etiquette, a work uniform or any other excuse for a systemic exclusion of unwanted colors.

While this discussion may be uncomfortable, let us face it straight on and examine the color that has been most deprived: pink. Even as late as the 18th century, pink used to be a symbol of luxury in both men’s and women’s fashion. Cheap industrial dyes made the formerly rare color pink accessible to masses. The quickest entrepreneurs to seize the occasion were those in the “one-hour-hospitality” business, appreciating the similarity to the tone of human skin and the resulting illusion of nudity. As a result, pink was “feminized”. The promiscuous inter-war period, jiving in the rhythm of seductive jazz, cast pink to the rock bottom of the social hierarchy.

Thanks to fashion icons such as Elvis and his faithful Cadillac, that perception in society changed with time. Some work still remains to be done. Or, should we say, remained until now?


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