August '19

August '19

The Story

Supreme Sock Council has decided to undergo a small gastronomical adventure in August.

Our sock councilors’ dietary requirements were merciless, though. “Can we find a meal that would both come from an advanced culture and also boast an adequately long tradition of success?” colleagues started asking. “Our delicacy of choice should also pay respect to the love of colors and variety in general. ” It would also be of no use to present a gourmet food that is already widely celebrated. An ideal candidate should be underrated, even partially overlooked, just like billions of socks are today.

Do you not believe that such a specialty can be found? Then please allow us to present to you “farfalle”. Thanks to its characteristic shape, this type of Italian pasta borrowed its name from butterflies, representatives of the second largest and by far most colorful order of insects.

The first records of farfalle can be found in Lombardy in the 16th century. Their discovery is comparable to that of penicillin, ink print or potato chips, all of which came about by accident. Italian thriftiness at the time forbade cooks from throwing out leftover dough cuttings, and so the small pasta leftovers with frayed edges were embellished through a genius simple act: a short squeeze between the thumb and index finger. That is how the butterfly shape came about.

Yes, maybe you were surprised by our choice, because you consider spaghetti or macaroni to be far brighter pasta celebrities. However, where else would the less appreciated but not less deserving heroes find some appreciation, if not in your sock Club?


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