September '18

September '18

The Story

The last three months in Ponožkovice were defined by the search for a new Supreme Sock Secretary, as Hubert Ponožka's first term was coming to an end. He had to harvest every bit of energy in order to secure his re-election by the Council, the body that designs your socks. “The Secretary, the Council and its members must unite!” was the slogan with which he impressed my colleagues. Only this trinity of sock pillars could ensure a brighter tomorrow for all sock-bearers. He did not manage to convince the Councilors, though, and our success was temporarily jeopardized. The tragic fate of John Lennon, following the demise of the Beatles, then came to his mind. At the same time, Picasso’s Three Musicians popped up in his head. Unlike the bickering Beatles, Picasso’s musicians are in such perfect harmony that they essentially become one. Falling apart becomes virtually impossible. The famous Spaniard also clad the guitar player, who is thought to be a depiction of the author himself, in a very fashionable triangular pattern. The harmony between Hubert and the other Councilors immediately rose to new heights. The decision was clear an unanimous. The enjoyment of Picasso’s art must be granted to your feet – the third and most important pillar of the Gentlemen’s Sock Club of Ponožkovice.


Ponožky v akci

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