December '18

December '18

The Story

Hubert Ponožka, the Supreme Sock Secretary, was recently intrigued by a documentary about how actors utilize the Meisner method, which requires them to create a deep connection with their roles in order to portray the characters genuinely.

And what sort of Supreme Sock Secretary would he be if he did not relate everything he sees and hears to socks? This got him thinking that perhaps we could design a fully-fledged December sock with my fellow Councilors, and that if we were able to immerse ourselves into the Christmas atmosphere slightly ahead of time, this task would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

In line with Czech customs, Hubert procured a carp from the ponds of Třeboň and played the Czech Christmas Mass composed by Jan Jakub Ryba, whose surname, coincidentally, means "fish" in Czech. The topic of fish overtook conversation of Supreme Sock Councilors. Unfortunately, the Councilors expressed their concern at the meeting that there were not enough snacks for all of them. Hubert enlightened them that Jesus fed a crowd of five thousand with only two fish. His wit seemed to fall on deaf ears, though.

Ponožka's colleagues raised a complaint that he did not apply the Meisner method thoroughly, failing to bring them gifts. Consequently, they decided to boycott both Meisner and Hubert. Luckily, this did not ruin our experiment, since December is inherently a fish-related month. We thought a fully-fledged (or, here, fully-scaled) December sock model should definitely use some fish motives.


Ponožky v akci

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