November '17

November '17
Merino wool

The Story

November sock design hearing at the Supreme Sock Council was interrupted by a sudden epidemic of the infamous plague dreaded by all men alike: man flu. Our Counselors have gloriously defeated this noxious affliction; however, their relief was short-lived. They realized that a common cause of this pernicious condition was hypothermia in the lower extremities. Needless to say, maintaining the comfort and happiness of this part of your body is a task we proudly strive to fulfill. To those ends, we have decided to implement prophylactic measures. There is no safer bet than Merino sheep wool. Thanks to its structure, the wool of these fleecy ruminates boasts properties such as excellent thermal isolation and exceptional moisture retainment. Merino sheep are so good at keeping themselves warm, that they must be sheered at least once a year, in order to avoid death by overheating. This is also the reason we have decided not to over-fluff November’s sock specimen. We trust that this sock model will be a strong weapon in your fight against pedal hypothermia during the upcoming chilly season.


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