January '17

January '17

The Story

We have commenced the New Year with a pledge of colorfulness and asked ourselves: what must be avoided in order to protect the year 2017 from dwindling into any number of shades of gray? Obviously, the key ingredient to colorfulness is light, without which the naked eye cannot register colors. For that reason we recommend steering clear of this year’s two solar eclipses. The first outage in Mother Earth’s main photon provider will take place on February 27th over the South Atlantic Ocean between 1:10 PM and 6:35 PM, Central Ponožkovice Time (CPT). We must then brace ourselves for a second outage on August 21st over the United States of America between 5:46 PM and 11:04 PM CPT. There is also another, more spiteful, enemy for all bright color zealots: fog. For every fog in March, there is a frost in May. Fog on the hill, water to the mill; fog in the hollow, fine day to follow. So yes, one must be wary of fog. We of course do not have time to name all the elements that attempt to compromise this year’s polychromaticity. Nevertheless, we believe that your membership in our Club will minimize the number of pallid days in 2017. On the contrary, we hope that our companionship this year will spark inspiration and fill your year with the most vivid of colors.


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