November '14

November '14

The Story

During October we began to accumulate anonymous complaints regarding the excessive attention of young ladies paid to members of the Ponožkovice. Terms such as "covetous eyes", "inappropriate attempt of touch" and the like appeared in the complaints. All these notifications are always taken seriously. Therefore, we requested a clinical study in order to determine this situation. Based on the results of this study I can assure you that the club membership is, by no means, hazardous to health! Experts from the prestigious Swiss clinic - the Hochgurkenweisspital - who conducted the investigation for us, empirically verified that the above mentioned behaviour really occurs around the club members, but no negative impact on the health of the club members, which represents my primary concern, was found out. Perhaps under the influence of these events, the Supreme Sock Council chose two basic colours for this month sock - red and blue. These colours are associated with the care of our health and as such they have become a part of the signs concerning hospitals and rescue services. The rest of the sock pattern is formed by a colourful spectrum of these two colours, which should refer to the need for a comprehensive approach in taking care of our own health. This idea is also represented by the moustache depicted on the sock design, which symbolises and supports the Movember movement.


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